Turn-key Real Estate Advisors We turn dreams into realities

When Janet, my wife, and I first decided to buy a home in Highlands, we had no idea how lucky we were when we chose Judy and Michelle. They not only are great friends, but have become our personal real estate advisors.   Both have shown us over 20 properties, helped us determine which was best as a second home/investment, assisted in negotiations, found our lawyer, appraiser, surveyor and inspector, then put us in touch with a contractor,landscaper,and other remodeling specialists.

They advised us renovation tips that maximized the value and resale opportunities. They even supervised some activities when we could not be in town. Then, when it was time to sell, they demanded maximum price for the place—and got it! They arranged for the closing, holding the buyer’s hands through the entire process (not an easy task).

Now they have found us another house. And the whole experience is even better than last time.   They should rename the company “Turn-key Real Estate Advisors We turn dreams into realities.