Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Final Walkthrough Important

Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Final Walkthrough Important

buying Highlands NC real estate

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Anyone buying Highlands NC real estate should understand that the final walkthrough is important. This is the last step before the closing table and therefore the last step to ensure that you know exactly what you are buying. Attending the walkthrough eliminates an unexpected surprise. Having an experienced Highlands NC REALTOR by your side will help keep everything in check, making sure that the home is in order and that nothing is missing.

What is the final walkthrough?

The final walkthrough typically occurs a day or two before closing on a Highlands NC home. This is when a buyer can make sure that the home appears as it should. This is when a buyer can double-check to make sure that all the promised repairs have been made. This is also when a buyer can make sure that nothing has been removed. There are situations where appliances have been swapped out, and window treatments that were contracted to stay have been replaced or removed, among other mishaps and surprises. Likewise, a buyer wants to make sure that a seller has removed all of his belongings when he has moved out.

Know what you are looking at

Having a checklist to go along with your final walkthrough is incredibly helpful. This can help avoid overlooking small details. You can check off repairs and the list of inclusions. It is easy to overlook details if they are not on a list in front of you. Furthermore, if you have questions about anything you see on the walkthrough you can write them on your list. Your Highlands NC REALTOR will help you keep track of issues and get answers to your questions.

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