Concierge Services

We Take The Work Out Of Having Fun!

When you’re not at your home to take care of it, who can you trust to take care of it for you?

Let BHHS Meadows Mountain Realty Concierge Services take the work out of having fun!

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What we offer

Weekly Inspections: 

• Bring in mail and packages at front door.

• Ensure that all doors and windows are secure, locked, and that the security

system is engaged.

• Flush all toilets and run all sources of water while checking for leaks, if home

is not winterized.

• Take out and bring in trash and recycle cans.

• Check that the heating and cooling set points are appropriate for the season

and that the system is functional.

• Check for storm damage, including water leaks and damage to landscaping.

• Keep the driveway and walkways clear of snow or blown down debris.

• Set the hot water heaters to low while away and to desired temperature for


• Start cars and maintain chargers.

• Look for evidence of pests, bugs, or rodents inside and outside.

• Ensure that service providers, such as for the landscaping are providing

optimum service.

• Check that exterior lighting is operating on the timer, free from damage, and

that bulbs are changed.

• Verify that the internet, television, phone, hot water heater, heating, and cooling systems are operational.

Additional Services:

• Meet service providers to provide access to the home, diagnose and

communicate the issue to the homeowner, and verify that the service has

been properly completed.

• We can be the first contact for your security company. We respond

appropriately to any issues 24 hours a day.

• Receive deliveries such as furniture and vehicles.

• Quarterly air conditioning filter change and twice yearly maintenance


• Housekeeping.

• Window cleaning and power washing of patios.

• Handyman services.

• Exterminating services.

• Cover and/or bring in patio furniture during departures and storms.

• Coordinate shut down for winter and start up for spring.

• Having the heat turned on when you arrive, so your house gives you a

warm welcome on those chilly winter late night arrivals.

• Airing out the house and turning on the AC after a long stay away during

the warm months.

• Stocking the house with your favorite grocery items upon your return.

• Firewood delivery.

• First impression clean up (blowing leaves, yard clean up, blowing decks,

changing lightbulbs).

• Pre-inspection checks.

Concierge Services: (828) 526-4102

Sales Office: (828) 526-1717

Offices in Highlands and Cashiers, NC

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