Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Mistake to Skip Inspection

Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Mistake to Skip Inspection

buying Highlands NC real estate

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It can be a big mistake to skip an inspection when buying Highlands NC real estate. Even if a home is being purchased to renovate, an inspection will reveal information. And, let’s face it, information and knowledge are essential when investing in real estate. An experienced Highlands NC REALTOR will be invaluable in making sure a buyer’s interest is not overlooked in a purchase contract.

Is a home inspection always necessary?

When a Highlands NC home is being sold as-is it may be easy to discount a home inspection. However, even if the home is being completely renovated, there can be valuable information gleaned from an inspection. In fact, a contingency may not be in place but an inspection can still take place. You may learn more about the foundation, electrical system, plumbing, or something unique.

Speeding up the purchase

A buyer may skip the inspection contingency in order to speed up a sale or perhaps to be competitive with an offer. This may seem like a good idea in the moment but it can also be a huge mistake. Buying a home is a big investment and understanding the condition of this investment is critical.

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