Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Odors Can Be Telling

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Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Odors Can Be Telling

buying Highlands NC real estate

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It is important to recognize that odors can be telling when buying Highlands NC real estate. This goes for good scents as well as bad. When a home is filled with fluffy, flowery, or excessively clean aromas it is possible that something is being covered up. Likewise, gas, musty, moldy, and animal odors offer negative signs. Buyers should get to the bottom of what a strong smell means when wandering through a Highlands NC home.

Bad odors

Offensive odors are a dead giveaway. Musty, moldy smells reveal water damage or excessive dampness in a Highlands NC home. Additionally, pet smells like kitty litter and dirty dog beds point to pets being in a home. Pets also mean that carpets may need replacing as well. In these instances, it will be no surprise that issues may exist.

Clean scents

An overly clean aroma in a home can feel good to a buyer. These days everyone appreciates cleanliness. However, there are circumstances where cleanliness serves as a coverup. Take clean scents for what they are but don’t let it override the need for a thorough exam of a house and potential issues, like pet stains, cigarette smoke, and mold.

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