A little about me

Working with an agent like me, with a varied skill set, can help you win in a competitive real estate market.  With limited inventory, it is important to have a knowledge of the market and the ability to move quickly.  I can help you get the knowledge you need, so you are confident when you are making an offer or selling your property.

I became a NC licensed agent in 1997, but I have been working in real estate since 1987, when I began my career as a commercial transaction attorney. Since then, I have worked as in-house counsel to a national real estate firm and as a consultant on a commercial tenant team, both in Atlanta, Georgia. In all these positions, I honed negotiating skills and attention to detail.  I leverage my legal background to bring a logical and measured approach to each transaction.

Real estate transactions are complicated puzzles. They have a beginning, middle, and end. There is a flat aspect: that is, reading surveys, plans, and permits and understanding how they all fit together with boundaries, easements, access, and available utilities. There is a 3-D aspect to understanding slopes, neighborhoods, towns, and distances to services. Contract negotiation and financing add more pieces to the Rubik’s cube. For me, the most rewarding piece of the puzzle is having a buyer and seller leave a closing table satisfied and as friends.

Education: I was raised in an Atlanta suburb and graduated from high school at Westminster.  After earning my BA in English at Dartmouth College, I received my JD from University of Georgia Law School.

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