Highlands NC Homes, Gutters Make a Difference

Highlands NC homes

Highlands NC Homes, Gutters Make a Difference

Highlands NC homes

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Gutters make a difference for Highlands NC homes. Water is a necessary element for our mountain lifestyle. Water keeps our landscape lush, our rivers flowing, and our ponds and lakes full. However, water can also damage a home, including the foundation and siding. As a result, preparing our homes to work well with water is important. Gutters can provide support for a Highlands NC home, helping it avoid maintenance issues.

What do gutters do?

Gutters collect water and divert water away from a home. This can help avoid water pooling at the base of a home. Additionally, gutters can keep water from flowing or dripping down the siding of a home. Pooling water can leak into the foundation and perhaps even flood a basement. Additionally, siding can be stained or even rot from water streaming down. As a result, gutters protect a home and get water flowing in the right direction.

Signs that your home needs gutters

Not every home needs to be surrounded by gutters but most homes can certainly benefit from partial coverage. One sign that a Highlands NC home needs gutters can be seen by looking at the base of a home. When the bottom of a home has peeling paint or is ringed with dirt it is a sign that water is continually hitting it or splashing up from the ground. Without gutters, rainwater can drip down the sides or hit the ground and bounce back up. While a French drain can help with the splashing, gutters will help avoid this issue altogether.

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