Highlands NC Homes, Make the Most of a Small Kitchen


Highlands NC Homes, Make the Most of a Small Kitchen

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When it comes to Highlands NC homes it is essential to make the most of a small kitchen. It is absolutely possible for a small kitchen to pack a punch, you just have to be thoughtful and deliberate in its design and usefulness. Furthermore, knowing how to have a kitchen appear large than it is can help when staging a Highlands NC home for sale!

Storage and workspace

Storage and workspace are the most important features in a small kitchen. After all, you need room to prep and cook and you need room to store your food and your necessary tools. As such storage might need to be creative. Additionally, the cleaner and more organized the counters are the better. Clean and tidy can make a kitchen look bigger. Likewise, keeping clutter off of the counters keeps surfaces usable. While there may not be room for a large island there is probably room for a small island. This is even more useful when a small island is on casters and can be moved when needed and can be used as storage as well as workspace.

Lighting impact

Light makes a huge difference when a Highlands NC home has a small kitchen. Natural light is always desired but installing light fixtures that work with the space matters as well. Under-cabinet lighting is a must. The important thing is not to have huge heavy fixtures that dominate the space and impact the appearance of its size.

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