Highlands NC Homes, Think Twice Before Removing Bathtubs

Highlands NC Homes, Think Twice Before Removing Bathtubs

Highlands NC homes

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Think twice before removing bathtubs when remodeling Highlands NC homes. While it is certainly true that there are people that prefer showering over bathing, the opposite is also true. While it is fine and desirable to build a custom shower, eliminating all bathtubs from a home is not a good idea. Those that love a bathtub will always want a bathtub in a Highlands NC home. Therefore, keeping at least one bathtub is a good idea for resale value.

Bathtub, a sought-after amenity

Custom showers have been a draw for some time now. However, this does not negate the desire for a bathtub as well. Particularly, families with young children see value in having a bathtub for the kids. Additionally, many people love to soak in a bathtub for relaxation. Bathrooms are a hot item to remodel for anyone considering listing a Highlands NC home for sale. Anyone remodeling a home with an eye on selling should remember that it is critical to leave at least one bathtub in one of the bathrooms.

Home trends

Home trends come and go. This includes colors, materials, and floor plans. However, a bathtub has been a solid amenity throughout the decades. Master baths typically have more room than other bathrooms in a home and can often be remodeled to include a custom shower and separate bathtub. However, when space is an issue you can have a combination tub and shower that can be quite stylish.

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