Highlands NC Real Estate, Can Sellers Get Out of Contract

selling Highlands NC real estate

Highlands NC Real Estate, Can Sellers Get Out of Contract

Highlands NC real estate

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Can sellers get out of a contract when selling Highlands NC real estate? This is a great question. Especially when it seems like contracts protect a buyer far more than a seller when it comes to cancellation. Contingencies like financing and inspection allow for a buyer to exit a transaction. However, a seller has options. The important thing is to have an experienced Highlands NC REALTOR on your side to understand and navigate the selling process.


There are options for a seller to exit a contract for a Highlands NC home for sale. But, there are not as many options as there are for buyers. This means that a seller does not have the luxury of simply changing his mind. A solid contract is essential. This means having contingencies. One example of a contingency that protects a seller is one that relates to locating another property. In this case, a seller has a right to end a contract if he cannot locate another property to purchase.

Contractual obligations

There are contractual obligations related to a Highlands NC real estate transaction. When deadlines are not met a seller has a right to terminate a contract. Additionally, a buyer may request money or repairs to be made when the inspection reveals issues. However, a seller does not have to agree. When negotiation does not work a contract can come to an end.
Getting out of a contract when selling a Highlands NC property may not be easy and there is a protocol to follow. Changing your mind is one thing, putting an end to a contract is another. Having an experienced REALTOR and an attorney is always a good idea.

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