Highlands NC Real Estate, Don’t Let Issues Interfere with Closings

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Highlands NC Real Estate, Don’t Let Issues Interfere with Closings

Highlands NC real estate

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Don’t let issues get in the way of closing Highlands NC real estate transactions. The fact is, issues come up along the way throughout a real estate transaction. These issues can include difficulty meeting deadlines, discovering liens on a property, and inspection issues, among other things. Ultimately, issues that arise can be dealt with unless the seller, buyer, or both parties do not want to continue. An experienced Highlands NC REALTOR will work hard to keep a real estate transaction going, helping navigate each issue that arises.

Common issues

The most common issues that arise are related to contingencies in a Highlands NC real estate contract. This could include dates associated with deadlines. For example, an estimate may not be available by the time the lender needs it in order to meet the loan contingency deadline. Or, perhaps the inspection was not able to be completed in time. These issues are simple if the seller agrees to an extension. Of course, other issues that arise can be more complicated, related to the inspection or perhaps the title.

Bigger issues can be worked out

Not every issue, even a large one, requires the termination of a contract. However, issues will often require further negotiation. This negotiation could include if an appraisal comes in lower than the contracted price. In this instance, a buyer will either come to the table with additional money or negotiate for a lower price. Additionally, if there are big items on the inspection list there will most likely be a negotiation for repairs or money for repairs. When a seller will not budge this could lead to the termination of the contract.

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