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Life at Highlands Falls is a flurry of  activity  from the opening of the Club in May through its closing at the end of October. It is here that members find a place to escape from the stresses of everyday life, connect with family and friends, forge close friendships, and create lasting memories. 

Benefits of membership at Highlands Falls are numerous. The food is outstanding, the activities are as endless as the horizon, and the scenery is breathtaking. The biggest benefit to being a member is very simply the people. “Like attracts like” and such is the story here at Highlands Falls Country Club. The camaraderie is unlike that of any other club. Members form such close and lasting friendships that while distance may separate them during the winter months, they continue to plan visits, take trips together and support one another in the ups and downs of life. Many is the time that a prospective member, during a visit to the rea, had a chance encounter with an old friend they lost touch with long ago. There’s something magical that happens in these mountains during those special times. It is amazing to bear witness as old friendships rekindle and new ones form as they find a place in Highlands Falls that they can call home. 

Membership at Highlands Falls is by invitation only. Prospective members must complete a membership proposal and submit with it a letter of recommendation from two Equity Members willing to provide sponsorship. Membership is granted through an approval process of the membership, the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors

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