Preparing Highlands NC Homes for Sale, Should You Replace Roof

Preparing Highlands NC Homes for Sale, Should You Replace Roof

preparing Highlands NC homes for sale

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Should you replace the roof when preparing Highlands NC homes for sale? This is one of many questions homeowners ask themselves prior to listing a home for sale. It is tough. After all, no one wants to sell a money pit. Furthermore, most sellers want to secure as high a price as possible when selling a home. How far should a homeowner go in preparing a Highlands NC home for sale?

The roof is a big-ticket item

Replacing a roof is no small cost. As such it should never be replaced without cause. Do a little research and find out the condition of the roof. You should evaluate the age, expected lifespan left, and whether it is in need of replacement or simply repairs. An experienced Highlands NC REALTOR will be able to recommend a reputable local roofer for an inspection and evaluation of your roof.

Value in a roof

There is certainly value in a roof. A new roof holds appeal because it means its replacement cost is not looming. Furthermore, today’s roofing materials are meant to last long into the future. However, if a roof is not due to be replaced for another five years there may be no need to replace it. The roof can be a negotiation point in a purchase contract and this often occurs after the home inspection occurs.

Learn more about preparing Highlands NC homes for sale

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