Selling Highlands NC Homes, Holiday Decor

Selling Highlands NC Homes, Holiday Decor

selling Highlands NC homes

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Selling Highlands NC homes during the holidays often involves working with or around holiday decor. There is no reason why you cannot decorate your home as you wish. However, keep potential buyers in mind if your home will be available for showings. The idea is to have a home looking its best to make the biggest impact. A Highlands NC REALTOR can offer sage advice on how to keep your home in show-ready condition.

Decor in moderation

Holiday decor is great but it is important to not have it overwhelm a Highlands NC home for sale. Additionally, holiday home decor often involves fresh scents of balsam, pine, and cinnamon. However, while holiday decor is good, invoking a festive atmosphere, it can also be too much. Keeping things simple is good. A wreath on the door and garland on a railing can be an attractive accent to a home during the holidays. It is when the decor is everywhere that it overloads the senses and can be too busy for people to see past.

Size and space

Too much decor can take over a room. Staging is an important part of selling Highlands NC real estate. Part of the staging process involves maximizing the space in a room. The same thing should be kept in mind when it comes to holiday decor. Too many decorations can make a room appear smaller. Ultimately, choosing simple, classic decorations can help maximize space while adding a festive flair at the same time.

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