Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Can You Cancel a Contract?

sellingHighlands NC real estate

Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Can You Cancel a Contract?

selling Highlands NC real estate

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Can you cancel a contract when selling Highlands NC real estate? Buyers have contingencies in a purchase contract that allow for an exit of the contract. However, getting out of a contract is far more difficult for sellers. A seller does not have the luxury of changing his mind about the sale of his home. As a result, it is essential to have an experienced Highlands NC REALTOR on your side.


Contingencies in an agreement to purchase a Highlands NC home for sale protect both buyers and sellers. For example, a finance contingency is in place so that a buyer can get out of the contract if he cannot secure a loan to purchase the property. Likewise, the earnest money protects a seller in the event that a buyer does not fulfill contractual obligations. Pulling a property off of the market can prove costly for sellers, especially when buyers pull out after a long due-diligence period. While more contingencies seem to protect buyers, a seller can add a contingency by giving a set time period to locate a new property. When a property cannot be found a seller can cancel the contract.

How can a seller cancel a contract?

It is rare and difficult for a seller to cancel a contract for a Highlands NC home for sale. A seller cannot simply change his mind. However, when a contract needs to be canceled by a seller it must be completed by following the protocol to the letter. This should involve both the expertise of a Highlands NC REALTOR and an attorney.

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