Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Ending a Contract

Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Ending a Contract

selling Highlands NC real estate

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Ending a contract when selling Highlands NC real estate is not easy to do. Contracts are filled with contingencies and it seems that most protect the buyer, especially when it comes to canceling a contract. However, there are options for sellers. Ultimately, having an experienced Highlands NC REALTOR on your side ensures that your best interests are taken into consideration.

Changing your mind is not an option

Once a Highlands NC property is under contract a seller will not have the luxury of simply changing his mind. As a result, offering protection in a contract is helpful. One of the few contingencies protecting a seller is a contingency that hinges on a seller finding a new property by a set date. This is for a situation where a seller needs a new home as a result of selling a property or perhaps the sale is part of a 1031 exchange.


Deadlines matter in a Highlands NC real estate transaction. Additionally, deadlines offer protection for a seller. For example, a finance contingency gives a hard date for a buyer to secure a loan. If this time comes and goes then a contract will be terminated. This means that a buyer has not proven he can pay for the property. Another deadline is related to the inspection contingency. A home inspection will reveal a list of issues with a Highlands NC home for sale and will lead to negotiation. When there is no resolution a contract can be terminated. Ultimately, when a contract is breached by the buyer then the seller gets to keep the earnest money.

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