Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Fix or Not?

buying Highlands NC real estate

Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Fix or Not?

buying Highlands NC real estate

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To fix or not to fix is the big question that plagues many selling Highlands NC real estate. It is a good question but one without a simple answer. Many factors come into play when preparing a Highlands NC home for sale, two of which are time and money. A REALTOR will be hopeful in determining what work may be necessary as well as what it means to list in as-is condition.

Preparing a home for sale

A Highlands NC home should be ready for showings when it hits the market and this requires preparation. While some homes simply need to be cleaned others require more organization and others still need deeper staging that includes furniture and artwork. This is also where repairs and improvements come into play.

Repairs will be needed

Repairs are a part of any home, regardless of whether it is being sold. From dripping faucets to torn window screens and everything in between there are things that pop up that require attention. However, when a Highlands NC home for sale goes under contract these issues will be listed out in an inspection report. A seller will then be faced with the option of fixing, offering money for repairs, or doing nothing.

Repairs affect the value of a home

There is no doubt that repairs and updates can increase the value of a Highlands NC home. After all, a dated home or a home in need of a lot of work will be less valuable than an updated home with little to no work required. However, not every seller wants to invest the money, energy, and time into a house. Likewise, many buyers are looking for a project. It is important to realize that you do not have to fix up a home but your price will reflect its condition.

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