Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Maximize Small Spaces

Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Maximize Small Spaces

selling Highlands NC real estate

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When selling Highlands NC real estate try to maximize small spaces. Whether a bedroom is small or a kitchen, there are steps that can make the best use of the space you have available. It is always a good idea to walk around a home with your Highlands NC REALTOR prior to listing it. Looking at your home with fresh eyes and taking the time to help it look its best will pay off in the end!

Room and space matter

Even a large room can appear small and cramped. Ultimately, the size and amount of furniture and decor can impact how a room appears. When everything is proportional then a room appears both more inviting and useful. Likewise, having ample storage can involve some creativity but pay off. When you have places to store the clutter then a space looks cleaner which makes it look bigger.

Clean, clean, clean

As noted, cleanliness is essential for small spaces. Keep living areas, especially the living room and kitchen, clutter-free and scale down appliances and decor on counters. In the kitchen, you need room to prep and cook. Keeping counters clear adds appeal. Exploring Pinterest and Houzz can lead to creative storage solutions for small kitchens and increase usefulness. One great addition is a small moveable island. Lighting can also make an impact, making a space look cleaner and brighter.

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