Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Pets Require Attention

selling Highlands NC real estate

Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Pets Require Attention

selling Highlands NC real estate

Meadows Mountain Realty, Highlands NC real estate

Pets require attention when selling Highlands NC real estate. From keeping pets out of the way during showings to keeping their equipment out of the way, having a plan for pets is important. While not every buyer will be a pet person, having the home clean and organized will also impress buyers who are pet owners. Take the time to create a plan for your pets and discuss it with your Highlands NC REALTOR prior to your first showings.

Even nice pets should be out of sight during showings

Let’s face it, our animals are part of our families. As a result, if we are not around for showings neither should they be. Whether this means taking a dog out for a walk or scheduling doggy daycare for open houses and showings, it is important to get them out of the house. However, dogs are not the only concern. A cat owner may have to worry about an indoor cat getting outside when buyers open the door. This is not a responsibility a buyer or his broker needs to worry about.

Put items away

Pet food dishes, toys, and gear should be stored away during showings for a Highlands NC home for sale. Furthermore, kitty litter boxes should be kept as clean as possible on a daily basis to keep odors at bay. The same is true for dog beds as well. While there may be nothing wrong with a dog bed being left out it should always be clean and odor-free. Of course, keeping pet waste off of the lawn and outside areas is essential as well!

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Contact our team at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Meadows Mountain Realty today to learn more about selling homes in Highlands NC. We welcome the opportunity to update you on the market while sharing a complimentary listing presentation at the same time. Let our knowledge and experience serve as your guide to selling Highlands NC real estate.

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