Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Reel In Buyers at Front Porch

Highlands NC homes

Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Reel In Buyers at Front Porch

Highlands NC homes

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Reel in buyers at the front porch when selling Highlands NC real estate. After all, curb appeal is an important part of a home. A welcoming front porch is great for owners and guests, serving as a calling card for a home. And, when this welcome is inviting it can really make an impact. Look at your Highlands NC home with a fresh set of eyes and consider how you can add more appeal to your front porch.

Pay attention

While not every home has a spacious front porch, every home will have a front door. Whether there is a covered stoop, a small covered porch, or a spacious wrap-around porch, every home can offer a warm welcome. Furthermore, staging these spaces is important prior to listing a home for sale. The goal is to keep the decor simple yet inviting. Greenery, seating, and fresh paint are among the updates that can offer the greatest impact.

Look at surfaces

From the steps and the decking to the front door and the windows, make sure that each surface is in good repair and clean. A fresh coat of stain or paint on the front door can immediately freshen the look of the entrance to a Highlands NC home. Additionally, whether the stoop is concrete or the decking is wood, the landing pad to the front door should be in good repair and uniform finish. Likewise, the railing should be freshly stained or painted and any windows that are present should be crystal clear,

Size matters

The size of the space matters. If there is room for seating then the seating should be sized appropriately for the space. If there is room for potted plants there could be one pot placed on either side at the bottom of the steps. Or, perhaps hanging ferns make sense? The idea is always to offer a greeting and a space to enjoy the front of a Highlands NC home for sale.

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