Staging Garage Helps When Selling Highlands NC Real Estate

Staging Garage Helps When Selling Highlands NC Real Estate

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Staging a garage effectively helps when selling Highlands NC real estate. Showcasing a garage’s functionality and organization adds great appeal. Ultimately, a garage should offer useable, multi-functional space. The Highlands NC area lends itself to a lot of gear, from fishing poles to golf clubs, and having a space to store this gear is desirable. As a result, buyers are looking for a garage; the larger and more functional one appears, the more attractive it will be.

Where to start

Staging the garage should start with a thorough decluttering. Clear out items that are no longer needed or used. This is a great time to consider donating, selling, or disposing of items. Decluttering creates space and enables potential buyers to envision the garage’s full potential. This also sets the stage for organizing as well as preparing for moving. If there are no visible storage solutions, installing shelves, cabinets, and hooks to organize tools, sports equipment, and seasonal items is a great idea.

Appearance matters

Staging the garage of a Highlands NC home for sale should include a deep clean. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint will always spruce up the space. Floors should be swept, shelving should be wiped down, and dust and cobwebs should be cleared. A clean garage looks more inviting and conveys a sense of care and maintenance to potential buyers. The more organized and attractive the garage is, the more value will be seen in a buyer’s eyes.

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