2013, Year to Buy Vacation Home in Highlands NC?

Is 2013 the year for you to buy a vacation home in Highlands NC? Let’s face it, the year is off to a great start in terms of real estate as more and more recaps of 2012 boast of stronger sales, low rates, high affordability levels yet modest gains in home values and increases in new home construction. As the news gets brighter and brighter, many potential vacation home buyers are concerned about missing the boat on the right time to buy. Currently there are some exceptional properties for sale in Highlands NC which is tempting those who have been waiting for the ideal time to buy.

Averting the fiscal cliff was the first step in the New Year. Now that the cliff fall has been avoided many are returning to consider investment possibilities and often real estate is on the list. Highlands real estate offers a stable location for a second home in that our area remains desirable. The lifestyle that is associated with mountain living and the natural beauty that surrounds the Highlands Plateau draws homeowners from around the nation to our special spot.

If buying a vacation home is at the top of your list for the New Year please contact us today. Highlands North Carolina provides a special spot for families to convene and we can help assist you in your real estate search. If lifestyle is a top priority we can help you find the property that makes your dreams become reality.

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