Buying Highlands NC Real Estate? Rates Hit Historic Lows Again

Are you thinking about buying Highlands NC real estate? Rates have hit historic lows again. It’s hard to believe that rates could ever drop lower but they have, this week averaging 3.34% for a 30 year traditional fixed rate mortgage. These low rates offer exceptional value for anyone considering buying a home in Highlands NC.

Clearly the low rates and great affordability levels have people taking note. The real estate tracking website shows that sales volume is up just over 15% for the 3 week period of October 17 through November 7th compared with the same 3 week period a year ago. At the same time the average price per square foot for Highlands NC homes is down 34%. A handful of buyers have gotten exceptional values of late which has brought the average price per square foot down significantly.

Please contact us today if you are looking to find the perfect Highlands property. We can help identify the best deals on homes that suit your needs. Now is a great time to be a buyer, let us help you achieve your dream of owning a Highlands vacation home.

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