Buying Highlands Real Estate, Low Appraisals

Buying Highlands real estate sometimes involves low appraisals, an issue which can be most frustrating. If you have your heart set on a Highlands property and the appraisal comes in low you have a couple of options, you can come to the table with more money or you can walk away. The question is, if you want the house but don’t want to come to the table with more money do you have other choices?

You always have choices, whether they work or not is the question. One way around this issue is to have the seller of the Highlands NC property in question finance the difference for you. This kind of creative financing can help get you to the closing table. Another option is to ask your lender for a second appraisal. You always have the option of finding another lender as well.

A low appraisal can be an issue but it doesn’t have to be. Contact us today to learn more about buying Highlands NC real estate. Having experience and knowledge on your side can make buying a home a much smoother process.

Click here to read “When Appraisals Come in Low” from The New York Times.

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