Second Homeowners are Enjoying Life in Cashiers, Sapphire and Glenville

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Many part-time residents in the Cashiers North Carolina area, including Sapphire and Glenville, are keeping their second homes, according to a recent survey conducted by Crossroads Chronicle. The Cashiers area attracts year round visitors, especially for summer and fall; and among the main types of homeowners in the area you will find many second homeowners that choose to stay for the summer or visit periodically throughout the year to spend time to relax with friends and family.

With such notable natural beauty, it is no wonder that second homeowners are finding it rewarding and not thinking twice about keeping up several homes.   One second homeowner who is a part-time Sapphire Valley resident, reported to the Crossroads Chronicle that her summers in North Carolina are great for her health and actually more cost effective with so many outdoor activities to be involved in; she indicated that the simple and quiet life she enjoys in North Carolina is worth it.

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