Enjoying the winter in Highlands North Carolina

Highlands, North Carolina offers four distinct seasons, each one as special as the next.   Although the months of January, February, and March tend to be somewhat quiet and are the perfect time to curl up by the fire with a good book, those months also give locals and visitors great outdoor activities to enjoy.

During the winter months, our elevation of 4,118′ offers colder weather ranging from low temperatures of single digits up to high temperatures as warm as the mid sixties Fahrenheit.  The cool weather occasionally brings a dusting of snow covering the landscape and buildings; however, sometimes the snow is as much as three to six inches or more.   Then the landscape generates sledding and snow statues of all sizes, shapes, and dress.   Hiking is always an adventure providing breathtaking sights with everything covered with snow, but on the warmer days, winter hiking provides sights and long range views which are different than spring, summer, and fall.     

A light dusting of snow also makes the search for that perfect site to build the home of your dreams a little easier.  The snow shows off every undulation and change of elevation on a home site giving you the best perspective of how a home would fit on the land.

Shopping is always an enjoyable year round activity, especially for the ladies. Many of the shops are open, usually on a more limited schedule and most of the restaurants offer great dining experiences even in the winter.

If you have not visited Highlands, North Carolina in several years during the winter months, you will find our unique town has become a year round destination.   

Whether, you seek an activity for a day trip, a long weekend, or a winter family vacation, plan a get-a-way to the Town of Highlands soon. I know it will be enjoyable for you, your family and friends.

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