Fireplace Safety and Eco-Friendly Tips for your Home in the Mountains

The natural beauty and soothing ambiance of a fireplace in your home is a highly sought after feature.  Not only is a fireplace cozy and relaxing, but it also has practical uses in generating heat for a specific area of your home.  You may wonder, however, what are some of the ways you can be eco-friendly and keep you and your family safe when your fireplace is in use.  Here are a few things to consider in fireplace safety.

1.     Consider the dangers of wood smoke and use a ‘greener’ alternative.  Wood smoke can negatively affect your health if you suffer from lung and heart related illnesses, and it is equally bad for the outdoor environment.  Instead, try using wood pellets, which are made from sawdust and other lumber byproducts that would have gone to waste in landfills.  These wood pellets actually burn more efficiently.

2.    If you aren’t using the fireplace for heating purposes, it might be best to use your furnace at a comfortable level and burn a few candles in the fireplace; this will give you the cozy glow and rustic appeal of a fireplace without the dangers.

3.    Make sure to get your fireplace checked regularly for backdrafts or leaks that might bring in extra pollutants into your home.  You should have a chimney sweep in every few years to ensure efficiency and indoor health.

4.    And although this last one seems obvious, it is important to get a professional to install a new fireplace or an insert; a professional is trained to get the job done right and allow you to enjoy your fireplace safely.

Keep these health and eco-friendly ideas in mind this winter as you, along with family and friends, relax around your fireplace.

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