Highlands Luxury Real Estate Sales Fueled By Jumbo Loan rates

Highlands luxury real estate sales are being fueled by jumbo loan rates. One of today’s headlines from NBC reads “Jumbo mortgage rush: Why the rich are buying”. Last week it was reported that rates for jumbo loans dipped below rates for conforming loans for the first time in recorded history. The fact that rates are lower than for conforming loans has many would-be buyers considering a home that is slightly more expensive as the payoff is better over the length of a loan. This also has been fueling second home sales.

Much of the Highlands NC real estate market is made up of second homes. These homes are considered luxury homes where jumbo loans come into play when a loan is being considered. Low rates have many thinking that now is indeed the time to buy a vacation home, before rates go up again.

Contact us today to learn more about Highlands real estate and current market conditions. We have a number of fantastic homes listed for sale and welcome the opportunity to help you locate your dream home.

Click here to read “Jumbo mortgage rush: Why the rich are buying” from NBC.

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