Highlands NC, Choose from Art, Theater or Science

Highlands NC has many activities going on in May

This week you can choose from art, theater or science in Highlands NC.  As usual there is a lot going on in Highlands North Carolina.  On Thursday there is a production of Rebecca, the classic by Daphne DuMaurier, at the Martin-Lipscomb Performing Arts Center.  On Thursday you can also opt for science instead of the arts and take part in a presentation of the “Life and Times of Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species’” at the Highlands Nature Center.

Highlands continues through the weekend with a fiber arts class at the Bascom, a computer self-defense class at the Performing Arts Center, and more performances of Rebecca.  Whether you are interested in arts, culture or science you can partake in one or all in Highlands NC this weekend, enjoying a community that enables continued learning and exposure through a variety of facilities.

Click here to view the calendar from the Highlands Chamber of Commerce and view all of May’s events.

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