Highlands NC, Gardens & Nature A Way of Life

In Highlands NC gardens and nature are a way of life. Whether you have a green thumb or simply love to gaze at our area’s flora and fauna you will enjoy Highlands North Carolina throughout the year but especially during the spring, summer and fall seasons. In addition to being a looky-loo however, there are ample opportunities to earn about the different flowers, plants, and shrubs that thrive in the Highlands NC area.

The Highlands Biological Station is a Highlands NC entity that offers a number of classes, activities, and events. Zahner Conservation Lectures, Think About Thursdays, Native Plant Symposium, Wildflower Whimsy, and Nature Center Programs allow visitors and residents alike the chance to explore Highlands NC from a naturist’s perspective. There are many programs designed just for children.

This week NatureWorks takes place Tuesday through Friday for 8 to 11 year olds. The program is a wonderful way for youth in Highlands North Carolina to explore Mother Nature in all of her forms, learning about trees, plant, and inhabitants of our mountain area. Click here to visit the website for the Highlands Biological Station and learn about all of the programs and events coming up this summer.

Highlands NC real estate values are boosted greatly by the lifestyle afforded by our beautiful setting. Beautiful landscaping and stunning flowers grow around Highlands NC homes and the opportunity to enjoy the view and learn about nature abound. Contact us today to learn more about living in Highlands NC. We can help you locate the Highlands NC real estate that best suits your needs!

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