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There are a variety of plants that can help keep mosquitoes away from Highlands NC homes. Let’s face it, mosquitoes are one of the pesky insects associated with warmer weather and summer and no one wants them around. The idea that we can deter them with our landscaping is certainly appealing. Take the time to plant these deterrents in your garden beds and enjoy being outside a little more in Highlands this summer.

Are you wondering what you can plant to ward off mosquitoes? An herb garden is a great place to start. Mosquitoes do not like basil for starters. In addition, lemongrass and lavender will keep the insects away. Catnip is anther plant that will repel mosquitoes, with the added benefit of keeping your cat happy if you happen to have one. Marigolds are another item to plant. Marigolds not only repel mosquitoes but a variety of rodents as well. Planting to repel mosquitoes has the added benefit of adding to the appeal of the landscaping around your Highlands property.

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