Highlands NC Homes, Time To Check For Air Leaks

It is the time of year to check for air leaks in Highlands NC homes. Air coming in and going out can have an effect on your home’s temperature and heating bills and there is no time like the present to check if this is happening in your home. Whether you want to hire a professional to do a full home energy audit or simply check your doors and windows yourself, you will be glad to tick this chore off your list and perhaps even pleasantly surprised.


Taking care of your Highlands home helps maintain your investment by keeping it in good operating condition. To check for air leaks walk around the exterior of your home and check for any cracks in the foundation or walls, broken windows, or missing trim. When you go inside check each window for air leaks along the trim and seals, and do the same for the doors. It is also important to check your chimney and roof for any issues. Taking care of these air leaks can keep you warmer this winter while saving you money at the same time!


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