Highlands NC Homes, Time to Get ready for Winter

Owners of Highlands NC homes, fall is here which means it’s time to get ready for winter. This is the one of the most stunning times of year in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains, when spectacular colors bring people from all over. This is also the time of year to put things away and tend to our yards and our homes so that when the snow flies we are prepared.

There is a checklist for the inside and the outside of your Highlands NC property. Take advantage of days with wonderful weather to to your outdoor tasks and the rainy dreary days to tackle the inside of your home.

Outside checklist:

  • Mow the lawn one last time, aerate, and fertilize it to prepare it for a healthy start come Spring.
  • Plant bulbs, like tulips and daffodils, that will appear first in the Spring. Fall is an ideal time to plant a variety of bulbs.
  • Cut back your gardens and prune your shrubs. Most flowers and plants should be cut back to get rid of what is dead and ready them for the best growth come the spring season.
  • Clear out the gutters of all debris so that rain and snow can run freely through the troughs without backing up. Gutters are notorious for getting clogged with leaves and natural debris.
  • Unhook your garden hoses and blowout your sprinkler system to avoid burst pipes come freezing temperatures.

Inside checklist:

  • Have your heating system checked before you need it. Nothing is worse than needing your heat, turning it on, and not having it work!
  • Check your window and door seals to reduce winter’s drafty winds and cold air from invading your home.

Taking care of your home is an important part of owning Highlands NC real estate. Contact us today for more information on Highlands homes. We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge of our community as well as everything to do with real estate in the Highlands area.

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