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Here in Highlands NC there are ample opportunities to learn.  Whether your interests are in the arts or botany, there are organizations to get involved in, classes to take part in and lectures throughout the year that enable you to learn or follow your passions.  In addition, there are many classes that help residents get up to date with technology.

Thursday, April 18th, from 6 to 8 pm, there will be a class held in Highlands titled “iPad 102” at the Peggy Crosby Center.  This class will help iPad users learn how to make the most of their tablets.  Features that will be covered in this particular class include how to use iBooks, how to update the iPad, how to listen to music, and how to connect the iPad to the TV among other features and tools from this modern marvel.

Living in Highlands does not mean you have to be out of touch with modern advances.  Contact us today to learn more about Highlands real estate opportunities.  Highlands North Carolina offers a beautiful setting with all of the amenities you want in a community.

If you are interested in attending the iPad class call 828-526-8811 or email [email protected]

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