Highlands NC Real Estate, Better Off Than Others

Apparently the Highlands NC real estate market is better off than other markets.  A recent article in BusinessWeek demonstrates that luxury real estate is selling, lower end properties are not.  The designation of luxury real estate is properties over $1 million, whereas the lower end properties being significantly less.

Highlands real estate represents some of the finest homes in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountain region, with stunning architecture and beautiful settings to match.  Additionally, the higher end of the real estate spectrum is offering the most savings in today’s market, with mortgage rates hovering at 60 year lows.

There couldn’t be a better time to looking into Highlands real estate.  While affordability levels remain at generational highs, Highlands NC continues to be an incredibly desirable location to inhabit, whether full time or part time.

Average home sales are down across the nation and luxury homes sales are up.  If you are looking for a luxury home there is no doubt that Highlands NC has what you are looking for.  Contact us today to have access to some of the finest homes in Highlands NC.

For more information about Highlands and Cashiers North Carolina, and for access to the HighlandsNC/CashiersNC MLS, contact Meadows Mountain Realty today, 828-526-1717 or email us today at [email protected].

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