Highlands NC Real Estate, Fall is Great Time to Prepare for Winter

If you own Highlands NC real estate consider that fall is an ideal time to prepare your home for the winter.  This beautiful season has many of us looking around and breathing in this fantastic, colorful time of year, but it should not go unnoticed that colder and harsher weather is right around the corner.  Preparing your home comes in two phases, the exterior and the interior, allowing you to make sure that your Highlands property can meet winter head on.

A few items to pay attention to on the outside of your Highlands NC home:

  • Cut back summer’s gardens to enhance the growth and blooms that will appear come spring.
  • Prune trees and shrubs.
  • Mow your lawn one last time and aerate and fertilize for better growth come spring.
  • Clear leaves and debris from your gutters.
  • Blow out your sprinkler system and disconnect hoses from exterior faucets to avoid burst pipes when temperatures drop.

Inside your Highlands NC home:

  • Consider having your heating and hot water systems checked.  Many issues arrive when it is time to turn on the heat, take care of these problems before they arrive and you and your wallet will be better off.
  • Check window and door seals to limit draftiness and lower heating bills at the same time.

Contact us today to learn more about preparing your Highlands real estate for winter.  You may not want to do all the work yourself and we can help recommend people to help.  Highlands NC is a great investment, and taking care of your home is instrumental to preserving its value.

For more information about Highlands and Cashiers North Carolina, and for access to the HighlandsNC/CashiersNC MLS, contact Meadows Mountain Realty today, 828-526-1717 or email us today at [email protected].

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