Highlands NC Real Estate: Jumbo Rates Stay Low

Highlands NC real estate report: jumbo rates continue to stay low. Jumbo rates made headlines in recent months for dropping below those of conforming rates for the first time in history. Luckily for Highlands real estate the trend has continued.

Highlands luxury homes require jumbo loans for buyers who intend on borrowing money. A jumbo loan is a loan higher than $417,000 and is one which is not federally backed by either Fannie or Freddie. The lower rates for larger loans can save buyers a great deal of money over the lifetime of a loan and are certainly a draw for buyers of Highlands real estate.

Contact us today to learn more about buying and financing Highlands NC real estate. We can recommend reputable lenders in the area and get you started on your home search at the same time. A Highlands REALTOR® can be a valuable resource in helping you get to know the market.

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