Highlands NC Real Estate, Living in Nature

Owners of Highlands NC real estate have the unique opportunity of living in nature. This can mean soaking in the views from your deck while sipping a cocktail in the afternoon, hiking on one of the area’s trails, visiting a spectacular waterfall, bird watching, or a combination of any and all of the aforementioned. Of course living in Highlands NC also means enjoying the sighting of wildlife now and again.

Wildlife in the Highlands NC area can involve watching deer nibbling at some flowers or perhaps spotting an eagle perched in a tree. Of course many of us have seen our share of bears as well. While the majority of the time we are all safe with regards to bears, it is our job when we own real estate in Highlands NC to bear-proof our homes. Keeping temptation clear will help keep bears from frequenting our doorstep.

The most important way to bear-proof Highlands NC homes is to keep garbage inside and to keep garbage in bear-proof garbage cans. Bears are starting to really stock up for winter and it is our job as homeowners to keep human food away from them. If a bear knows your home is a food source then chances are he will keep coming back. In addition to locking up garbage keep kitchen windows closed when food is on your counters. Bears have found their way in to more than one kitchen in Highlands NC, don’t let the next one be yours!

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