Highlands NC Real Estate, Looking Forward

Looking forward to 2013 for Highlands NC real estate involves taking a look at where we have been.  Our local real estate market has grown so much since its inception as it is deeply rooted in second home ownership, offering homeowners a place to convene with family and friends in a beautiful mountain setting with a wide variety of activities to enjoy together.  There are homes in spectacular settings and spectacular homes with stunning views and while the local market may have slowed there has not been the same dramatic price drop seen elsewhere around the nation.

The success of real estate in Highlands all boils down to one thing: location.  Whether you want a condo, a small cabin in the woods, or a home on a golf course you can find it here.  People enjoy coming back time and time again to a place where they have made memories and have the opportunity to make many more.

The news has become more and more positive for real estate and Highlands NC is no exception.  Luxury homes and vacation homes are rebounding and the places that are feeling the improvement are those in an excellent location.  We look forward to a stronger 2013 and homes in the Highlands and Cashiers area selling at a faster pace with prices increasing.  Contact us today to learn about current market conditions and what we can do for you to make your real estate transaction a smooth one.

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