Highlands NC Real Estate, Meaning Of As-Is

Buyers and sellers of Highlands NC real estate might experience the term “as-is” in a contract and understanding its meaning is important. “As-is” is a term that a buyer may choose to put in a contract, it may be a term used in a counter from a seller, or it could be a term used in the listing of a Highlands NC property. The terms is used consistently these days when distressed properties change hands.

“As-is” means just what it looks and sounds like. A Highlands NC property that is sold “as-is” is sold in the condition in which it is presented. If you like a home and want to buy it and the term “as-is” is in the contract then you are acknowledging that you are aware of its condition and are okay with it.

If you are buying Highlands real estate and are under contract for a home that is being sold “as-is” it is still a good idea to conduct an inspection. An inspection will help you know exactly what you are buying and whether or not you want to go through with your purchase.

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