Highlands NC Real Estate Sales Aided By Loosening of Lending

Highlands NC real estate sales are undoubtedly aided by a loosening of lending.  When the recession hit lending markets tightened up which put a huge squeeze on real estate markets everywhere in the US.  It was harder than ever to get a loan for a primary residence, never mind a vacation home.  As lending has let up more and more Highlands homes are being sold as pent up demand is released.

A headline in The Wall Street Journal this week, High-End Home Loans Stage a Comeback, speaks volumes and explains why luxury homes in Highlands and around the US are selling.  Now that people can secure loans they can buy vacation homes.  Many prefer to take out a mortgage so as not to tie up large sums of cash.

Contact us today to examine market conditions related to vacation homes in Highlands NC.  It is a great time to be a buyer and there are some fabulous homes listed for sale.  Let us get you started on your home search and find the second home you have been dreaming about buying.

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