Highlands NC Real Estate, Second Home Market Looking Strong

There is good news for Highlands NC real estate in that data suggests that the second home market is looking strong. A recent article from Realty Times, “Real Estate Drops But Second Home Market May See Increase”, suggests that buyers in many areas are waiting for home prices to hit bottom before buying a primary residence but that the second home market is showing strength. Highlands NC is the home of many vacation homes.

Why do people see strength in the second home market? As a large chunk of the population nears retirement age they start thinking about where they would like to retire, which is often in second home markets. Highlands NC is a desirable second home spot and retirement spot because of the quality of life it offers.

There are many healthy activities in Highlands, offering residents an active lifestyle. Whether you prefer golf and tennis or fly fishing and tennis, outdoor activities are accented by the cultural offerings and shopping and dining available in the area as well. The climate and beauty of Highlands North Carolina are appealing to say the least.

Contact us today to learn more about living in Highlands NC. We have access to all Highlands NC real estate that is currently listed for sale and can help you get to know our unique and wonderful area.

Click here to read “Real Estate Drops But Second Home Market May See Increase” from Realty Times.

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