Highlands NC Real Estate Transactions Include Home Inspections

Highlands NC Real Estate Transactions Include Home Inspections

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Highlands NC real estate transactions include home inspections.  The home inspection is important, very important.  This will enable a buyer to understand the condition of a home.  This helps avoid finding the unexpected when taking possession.  Choosing the right inspector is important and equally important is understanding what is included in a Highlands NC home inspection.

Your Highlands NC REALTOR will help you find a reputable home inspector.  Your inspector will share a checklist with you that will outline what will be examined.  There are some items that may need further analysis, in which case a specialist may be required.

What is not covered by a typical home inspection? A thorough chimney inspection for one thing.  Your inspector will do a basic check to see that the flue opens and a quick peek looking up.  But, to find out how much creosote exists you will probably need to hire a professional chimney/fireplace inspector.

Another thing an inspector will not do is move furniture.  This may mean a vent won’t get inspected or an outlet won’t get checked. It also could mean that you miss an issue with flooring.  Items that may require further inspection or testing by a specialist include mold, radon, or the foundation.

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