Highlands NC Real Estate, Vacation Home Safety

Highlands NC real estate

Highlands NC Real Estate, Vacation Home Safety

Highlands NC real estate

Meadows Mountain Realty, Highlands NC real estate

Vacation home safety is on the minds of many owners of Highlands NC real estate. A vacation homeowner is often not in his home and therefore has no idea if anything is going on or not. For some vacation homeowners a property manager offers great peace of mind. However, technology has evolved to a point where it is much easier for a homeowner to keep an eye on a Highlands NC vacation property.

Property manager or do-it-yourself?

Evaluating whether or not to get a property manager for your vacation home is a good exercise to go through. Your Highlands NC REALTOR will be a great resource for introductions to local property managers and property management companies. While on the surface this service may seem like an added expense, a human set of eyes allows for issues to be taken care of promptly. After all, a property manager is keeping an eye on a Highlands NC home and can help face issues as they arise while ensuring the safety of a home.

Another option for oversight of your Highlands NC vacation home is to go it alone. Technological advances have made it easy to control temperature, lighting, and security from a phone, tablet, or computer. Furthermore, a smart lock can allow a homeowner to have entry oversight at specific times and dates. However, you may not know about a burst pipe or broken window until you arrive at your home. Deciding how to best keep an eye on a vacation home is completely individual. The important thing is to evaluate your options and be thoughtful about your decision.

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