Highlands NC Real Estate Values on Rise

Highlands NC real estate values are on the rise.  While sales volume is down in comparison to a year ago the average price per square foot is up, which is certainly causing relief to some would-be sellers.  As a whole real estate news around the country is positive and here in Highlands North Carolina the market never suffered the drastic drops seen elsewhere.

The real estate tracking website Trulia.com is currently displaying data for the three week period of January 22nd through February 12th.  The average price per square foot for Highlands homes sold during this time frame is up 27.7% compared with a year ago.  This large boost is a solid indicator in the health of our local market.

Contact us today to learn more about Highlands real estate data and statistics.  We keep our fingers on the pulse of the market in an effort to keep our clients educated and informed.  There are a number of fantastic homes currently listed for sale and we welcome the opportunity to help you complete a successful Highlands real estate search.

Click here to read “Housing Outlook: Price Gains In Double Digits” from Realty Times.


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