Highlands NC Vacation Homes Involve Mortgage Hurdles

Many Highlands NC vacation homes involve mortgage hurdles. These hurdles are different than those for a primary residence and knowing how to navigate them is helpful. As with any loan, preparation is key, get your information together prior to sitting down with a lender and buying your dream home in the Highlands area will be a smoother experience.


Most vacation home buyers are familiar with the loan process, aware that financial statements, proof of employment, tax returns, and the like are necessary to provide to a lender to get the ball rolling. Likewise, many buyers of second homes can afford to pay cash but choose a loan to free up this cash or have an extra contingency to fall back on as a contractual “out”. Regardless of the reason for the loan, taking the time to go through the process can be tedious. Getting recommendations from your Highlands REALTOR for reputable local lenders can be extremely helpful.


Contact the team at Meadows Mountain Realty today for more information on buying a vacation home in our area. We welcome the opportunity to update you on current market conditions and offer recommendations for reputable local lenders prior to starting your Highlands real estate search. Let our knowledge and experience help you locate your dream vacation home in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains.


Click here to read “How to Finance a Vacation Home” from The Wall Street Journal.

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