Highlands NC’s Rich History Earns two New Historical Markers

The Highlands North Carolina area is noted for its unique history, and in the spirit of recognizing and preserving that history, a couple new historical markers will be placed in key areas.

One of the markers acknowledges Andre Michaux’s study to revive French forests and gardens; after being commissioned by King Louis XVI on June 15, 1787, Michaux found himself at Highlands plateau with the help of two Cherokee guides.  The Highlands plateau offered Michaux a diversity of plant life to satisfy even the king of France.  The ground which Michaux walked is currently a part of the exclusive mountain community Highlands Falls Country Club, and although there are a handful of historical markers already marking Michaux’s travels, this new one will indicate his first visit to the Western part of North Carolina.

The other marker will tell of the Battle of Deep Creek where Cherokee Confederates and other members of Thomas’ Legion attempted to combat the 14th Illinois Cavalry in the year 1864 during the Civil War.  This was a significant battle which affected all future Cherokee action.

For more information on new highway markers for Highlands NC history visit Citizen Times online.

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