Highlands Real Estate, Buying A Fixer-Upper

When it comes to Highlands real estate, buying a fixer-upper demands a bit more information than buying a new home or a home in perfect condition.  Fixer-uppers are attractive to many home buyers, especially those seeking to make a profit by perhaps flipping a home.  The reality is however, that a fixer-upper can come with its own set of baggage and the more informed you are as a buyer the more successful your purchase will be.

The reality is that some fixer-uppers, whether in Highlands NC or anywhere, can become a money pit.  It is very important to decipher whether the Highlands property you are looking at is a money pit or simply in need of a remodel or updating.  Make sure that your Highlands REALTOR® helps you choose an inspector with a solid reputation and that you acknowledge each item on the inspection list.

There is no doubt that buying a fixer-upper in Highlands NC has the potential to be a great investment opportunity.  Contact us today to learn more about homes currently listed for sale in Highlands NC and what you are looking for in a home.  If you are looking for a fixer-upper we welcome the opportunity to help you locate a home that suits your needs.

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