Highlands Real Estate, Fix or Ignore?

If you are preparing to sell Highlands real estate should you fix or ignore issues in your home?  It is a good question and depends what the issues are.  The most important thing to remember is that if you are aware of issues with your home you need to disclose them to your Highlands REALTOR®.

Choosing not to fix issues with a home that you are selling means that you should be prepared to price your home lower or be prepared to offer credit at closing for necessary repairs.  Most often sellers choose not to make repairs for financial reasons, this choice can cost you in the long run.  It may be a good idea to make aesthetic fixes now and acknowledge that money will come for repairs at closing.  Take a look around your home with your Highlands REALTOR® for some insight.

Contact the team at Meadows Mountain Realty today for more information on selling homes in Highlands NC.  Our knowledge and experience can work to your advantage to help you prepare and price your home for sale.  We welcome the opportunity to get your home sold in as timely a manner as possible while capturing as close to asking price as possible.

Click here to read “Do Little Fixes Boost Home Sales?“ from The Wall Street Journal.

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