Highlands Real Estate Gaining Momentum

Highlands real estate is gaining momentum. Sales volume and home prices are up compared to a year ago as economic news continues to brighten. Current market conditions show that buyers are once again entering vacation home ownership and taking advantage of low rates.

The real estate tracking website Trulia.com shows that sales volume for Highlands homes is up 83.3% for the three week period of May 8th through May 29th compared with the same three week period a year ago. This huge jump has many sellers breathing a sigh of relief. The average price per square foot is also up, showing a dramatic increase of 324.3% compared with a year ago. Of course very few Highlands homes sold during this time period a year ago and were more than likely distressed properties, perhaps demonstrating an unfair comparison.

While Highlands NC real estate is undoubtedly on more stable footing it is important for sellers to remain competitive in the marketplace. Continue to prepare for showings and price your home competitively. Contact us today to learn more about current market conditions and let us arm you with the knowledge that you need to sell your home in as timely a manner as possible.

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